A Solid Leather Passport Holder

I just finished another leatherwork project. This time it’s a passport holder for 2 passports because my German one was too big to fit into the one we used before.

I used very thick leather for this one and a massive magnetic button that locks in nicely so it won’t open by accident. It’s all hand cut and stitched and finished off with Satin Sheen.


Bleeding hands and a few days of work…

I finally managed to finish my first leathercrafts project. It’s far from perfect because I pretty much just did it without any template or plan. Started cutting, moulding, dyeing, sewing and glueing without having the slightest clue what I’m doing. Considering that, I think it turned out OK and I already started working on my second project (a Kindle case).
I hope my hands will get used to it one day…