Tracking a ship using APRS

Tracking a ship using APRS

It might not be something you want to do every day but it’s good to know its possible and (most importantly) a free service: tracking a ship.
A short backstory: I arrived in Australia almost 1 month ago and I’m still pretty much living out of my suitcase. Mainly because I decided to ship my things from Europe instead of selling them and get new, shiny stuff. After getting the first bill and a second quote for customs, quarantine, port charges and transport, I’m not convinced it’s worth the hassle or money – but that’s another story.

Back to the tracking! Go to and start searching. If you want to track something in particular, you need the callsign which can be found on the Bill of Lading of your shipment. A Bill of Lading can be difficult to decipher, so if you’re looking for the callsign, it could be a section called “vessel” or “ocean vessel”. Be sure to type in the complete name including abbreviations and it’ll show you the location of your ship and the time when the location was last updated.

Thanks to this website I know that my TV is currently near Palma and has got a looooong way to go before it arrives in Australia.


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