New Layout…

I felt like it was time for a little change on here. In the last few days I started this WordPress theme pretty much from scratch.

I added Blueprint CSS and started removing elements that I won’t need. I made it as simple as I could and then removed some more elements.

As a little experiment (after all this is my playground for things that probably make no sense in a production environment (yet)) I added a script which makes sure that all my images are within the vertical grid. If they are not within the grid, the script shrinks them to a size where they do fit in. Depending on the browser it might end up looking not as sharp anymore but I found it to be the better solution compared to adding a wrapper div with the overflow hidden. Of course it would have been nice if all the pictures fit in to start with. But like the Stones used to sing:

“You can’t always get what you want”…

Of course I’m still tweaking this theme to correct glitches on all ends and it needs a good cleanup. But if you finds something that I missed, I would love to hear from you in the comments or in an email.


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I've always been interested in all kinds of art because I felt the need to express myself in many different ways. I paint, draw, create 3D models, motion graphics & designs of all sorts, play guitar, love photography and whatever else is in between... I was born in Hungary and lived in Hungary, Germany, Australia and the UK for a number of years. I speak German, English and a little Hungarian (I'm working on improving that one again!).

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