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Still in my demo phase with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1, I start to discover the slight limitations that could change my mind on what application suits my work best.
One more thing I noticed is that Lightroom has a maximum image size of 10000x10000px. 100MP sounds like a lot, but when you start stitching panoramas with Photoshop, you quickly exceed the 10000 pixels in width, even-though you only use about 3000px height. The option would be to resize your panoramas to a maximum of 10000px width, as it doesn’t look like Adobe will change this limit too soon. It makes perfect sense for most photographers and the RAW file handling that LR was designed for (who has that 100MP camera and huge HDD? 😀 ).
According to Tom Hogarty (product manager for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom), the long term plans are to add more functionality through 3rd party plugins and the like. And they are also thinking about removing the 10000 pixel limit but probably not too soon as this is mostly speculation.
Read the interview
Lightroom Feature Request Form
The main thing I’d like to see is an easier way to update web gallery templates. I spent all day figuring out basics of xslt and all the files that generate the html files. I’m still struggling with getting my wordpress template into LR. Any help would be appreciated. Here’s the rundown on my current problem.


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I've always been interested in all kinds of art because I felt the need to express myself in many different ways. I paint, draw, create 3D models, motion graphics & designs of all sorts, play guitar, love photography and whatever else is in between... I was born in Hungary and lived in Hungary, Germany, Australia and the UK for a number of years. I speak German, English and a little Hungarian (I'm working on improving that one again!).

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