Rubik’s Cube…

cubeNow that we’re spending some time in Hungary, I went through some of the stuff I found in the house and came across one of the old (might be the original one from the 80s but that’s a guess) Rubik’s Cubes.
Being as intrigued as ever, I decided to check some sites to try and solve it. You might think it’s cheating but let me tell you that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Even with a site as your help. Obviously I picked a site that explains the principle rather than showing you exactly every move. My favorite site being Jasmine Lee’s Beginner Solution.
When I was about to finish the cube and I wasn’t sure whether someone changed the stickers in the last few years, I had to go to another page to finish it off.


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I've always been interested in all kinds of art because I felt the need to express myself in many different ways. I paint, draw, create 3D models, motion graphics & designs of all sorts, play guitar, love photography and whatever else is in between... I was born in Hungary and lived in Hungary, Germany, Australia and the UK for a number of years. I speak German, English and a little Hungarian (I'm working on improving that one again!).

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