2 weeks and 1 day until we’ll go to Europe!

Byron BaySo, it’s almost done! We will leave Byron Bay in exactly 2 weeks and go to Brisbane for a night before we fly over to London. Nothing major planned yet as we will just decide where to go depending on our budget and whenever our friends have time to meet us or make us Schnitzel πŸ˜‰ *cough*.
I think I might try to geo-tag all my entries for the trip along with the photos as well. Let’s see how that will work out.
I’m waiting for a proper application that will include all that sort of tags and make it actually useful (Smartfolders for images based on location??). At this stage I can’t see any proper use for it but that could change, once I start using it during my trip.
I think I’ll keep looking for applications and plugins that use those tags. Any hints?
Geo-blogging from location 153.624607973023,-28.671802837294,0

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I've always been interested in all kinds of art because I felt the need to express myself in many different ways. I paint, draw, create 3D models, motion graphics & designs of all sorts, play guitar, love photography and whatever else is in between... I was born in Hungary and lived in Hungary, Germany, Australia and the UK for a number of years. I speak German, English and a little Hungarian (I'm working on improving that one again!).

2 thoughts on “2 weeks and 1 day until we’ll go to Europe!”

  1. yea, can’t wait πŸ™‚
    until you reach austria, we’ll already be finished with our uni and (most) probably be in constant party mode!

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