Crank Ringtone

This is probably old news for almost everyone but I thought I’d post the file anyways…
I watched “Crank” on DVD tonight and loved it! What a great fast paced action movie.
So I went and looked for that hilarious ringtone from the movie and found it on Dylan Green’s site in mp3 format.
Since I’m still not up to date with my cellphone and I still wanted to have it, I converted it for old school (in some cases probably pre-2005 haha) phones that can’t use mp3 as ringtones. The file format is called AMR and is used in pretty much all old phones as far as I know (I only had Nokias so far…).
This works (and sounds) good with my Nokia 6822.
Get the Crank ringtone here.
edit: due to some funky behavior of amr downloads, I added a second version in a zip archive (along with the mp3)
P.S.: To upload it to your phone, you can either use Bluetooth, Infrared or a data cable…

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7 thoughts on “Crank Ringtone”

  1. please please help me with getting this ringtone! i have been trying to hours to get it and it won’t work. please help

  2. Thank you – been looking for this tone for ages and ages as an mp3 file so i can upload it too my phone thank you – youn know it is being bluetoothed round college xxx

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