Getting imported iTunes movies in the TV Shows category!

It took me a while to figure this out and a search on the net didn’t really reveal any news so I thought I’d share it with you. I wanted to get a bunch of movies that I imported into iTunes to show up in the “TV Shows” category even-though they are not from the iTunes store.
When you select all movies at once and you ctrl-click on them to display all information, you don’t get one part of vital information! This is what you get:
iTunes get info
BUT now the fun part: Remember that you wanted to move them to TV Shows, right? Ok, the good news is: it’s possible. The bad news is: I think there’s no shortcut for this method (if you know one, let me know, pls!)
Select ONE of the videos and this is the new “Get Info” Screen:
TV Show preset
Notice the selection bar at the top where you can select “Summary, Info, Video…”. Just click on video and change “Video Kind” to “TV Show” and you will be able to enter all the specific META data for TV Shows.
Not sure if its of any help for anyone but I thought I’d quickly share it with you.

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