good progress…

I’m currently making good progress on most projects including the academic side of things. Of course there is room for improvement but I’m glad the struggle of the last months disappeared and got replaced by normal insane stress 😀 .
I added a few more projects and photos on this site as well. I won’t post the link since most of you didn’t even check the older stuff. So you can go and explore the whole bunch. This is starting to grow to a half decent showcase of my work and I enjoy how organized this is (in comparison to… my workplace for example 😛 )
Alright… It’s time for my 8 minute break and since it’s 7pm already I should maybe consider eating breakfast. I’m kinda hungry…


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I've always been interested in all kinds of art because I felt the need to express myself in many different ways. I paint, draw, create 3D models, motion graphics & designs of all sorts, play guitar, love photography and whatever else is in between... I was born in Hungary and lived in Hungary, Germany, Australia and the UK for a number of years. I speak German, English and a little Hungarian (I'm working on improving that one again!).

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