A Solid Leather Passport Holder

I just finished another leatherwork project. This time it’s a passport holder for 2 passports because my German one was too big to fit into the one we used before.

I used very thick leather for this one and a massive magnetic button that locks in nicely so it won’t open by accident. It’s all hand cut and stitched and finished off with Satin Sheen.


Tutorial – How I make the DIY Kindle leather case

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Leather Choice

For the main part of the Kindle case (the front and back) you can use 3.6mm thick leather. Anything that’s thicker than 2.5mm will work fine but an extra mm makes the whole case much more rigid and heavy.

Use a standard A4 sheet of paper as a template – I found that the size works great for the Kindle 3.

The main leather cut


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My new handmade leather Kindle 3 case

Custom Handmade Kindle Case

This is my new DIY leather Kindle “book cover”.

Custom Handmade Kindle Case

The corners are made from kangaroo leather.

Custom Handmade Kindle Case

The Kindle sits in the case nicely and all buttons are still accessible.

Custom Handmade Kindle Case

The front cover is a carved Kindle logo and surrounded by red thread.

Custom Handmade Kindle Case

All ports can be easily accessed with the Kindle in the case.

Custom Handmade Kindle Case

The top corner is a rubber band so that it’s easier to put the Kindle in the case and to take it out again.

Custom Handmade Kindle Case

The back is all black and has an extra layer of leather for added strength…

Compress your native Pentax DNG photos AFTER import into Lightroom

I spent the last days cleaning up my photos and Lightroom catalogs. While importing/exporting and updating I noticed that the Pentax DNGs are uncompressed (around 17mb per file) and if I import them using the Lightroom “convert to DNG” command, they are compressed to about 9mb each.

However, using the existing “Convert Photos to DNG” command will not compress the existing DNGs in the library!

This is found under the “Library menu in Lightroom 3” and works great with Nikon or Canon Raw files. However, DNGs are ignored by this command.

You won’t have to re-import all photos to get the benefit of compression though.

There’s a solution which is not very obvious but worked very well for me:

Select the photos in your catalog and choose “Metadata -> Update DNG Previews & Metadata”

This will take the uncompressed DNGs and compress them, giving you between 10%-40% of space back!